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Live Scan

At Postal Zone Scan we secure your safety by keeping your information private. We use the Department of Justice Certified Fingerprint program and training to capture your information quickly and accurately.

Live Scan Yorba Linda

Yorba Linda Live Scan
Fingerprint Live Scan Postal Zone YL Walk-Ins are Welcome! Our Live Scan technicians are certified by the Department of Justice. Servicing Yorba Linda and the surrounging cities, we can process your group or individual needs. Live Scan technology securely transmits your fingerprints to the California Department of Justice quickly and efficiently.
PZ YL Live Scan
  • Certified Live Scan Location
  • Safe and Private
  • Walk-Ins Welcome
  • Fingerprinting Services


Postal Zone Live Scan is a complete "Live Scan" fingerprinting service.

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Yorba Linda Live Scan Fingerprinting located at Postal Zone!


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